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Dermostetic Laser Clinic

C/ 13 Esq. Armando Oscar Pacheco #11
Urbanizacion Fernadez
Santo Domingo,N/A Dominican Republic N/A
Phone: 829 544 5446

Medical Tourism - Dermostetic Laser Clinic
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 Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish
Procedures Offered:    Breast Augmentation / Enhancement  ·  Breast Reconstruction  ·  Breast Reduction (Mammaplasty & Gynecomastia)  ·   View All


In Spanish plastic means the art of shaping clay or form things. plaster or other materiales.Tambien applies to that which gives shape or form.

In the case of plastic or cosmetic surgery, the material is none other than the human body and its tissues.

The plastic or cosmetic surgery is a branch of medicine that uses various techniques, constantly advancing and experimentation in order to shape, build or improve tissue, either a functional or aesthetic purpose.

Aesthetic Medicine is the medical-surgical practice applying the techniques necessary for the restoration, maintenance and promotion of aesthetics, health and welfare.

Aesthetic medicine is a specialized medical activity that meets the three criteria that define a medical specialty, unified goal, there is a sound scientific and technical, and social demand.

The objective is the restoration, maintenance and promotion of aesthetics, health and social bienestar.Existe demand: the answer to this is demnanda stetic Dermo Laser Clinic, where we have highly trained staff to work in different areas of medicine aesthetics.



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